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Blitz Marketing (ABN 51 326 233 645) is the trading business of The Trustee for GT Marcom Unit Trust. We are a technology-focused marketing agency specialising in sales, technology and digital marketing. We strive to provide a professional and strategic approach to help you achieve your business objectives. We specialise in data-driven targeting, consumer insights and in-depth market research, we help our clients reach the right people with the right messages. And to achieve that, we have a diverse team of people working together to find the best possible solutions. We make the most of the technology available to us, and our people push boundaries and will never stop imagining and creating solutions to your complex problems. Working in digital is exciting and fast moving. We love what we do and look forward to what we might create for you, our customers. We offer unique ways for your brand to grow and be noticed. Why not schedule a time to discuss your business goals and objectives. Blitz Marketing, We Connect People.


Website Development

We create corporate and e-commerce websites that stand-out from the rest. We deliver exciting content that attracts customers online. Our mission is to deliver you a website that exceeds your expectations.

Digital Signage

Stop wasting money on print advertising. It’s proven that consumers remember advertisements more when your message is displayed in bright, colorful animated signage.

Digital Online Marketing

Blitz Marketing uses various digital platforms to help your business promote itself online. This includes, Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing brings potential customers to you, rather than having your marketing efforts fight for their attention. Warm prospects are nurtured by creating and sharing content to your dream customers.

Location Marketing

Digital Technology has come a long way. Blitz Marketing works with retailers to reach deeper into customers’ psychology to earn their loyalty. This is done by tailoring customer messages in specific geographic areas.

Social Media Services

In today’s modern world, digital interaction with your customers is necessary. Our Social Media services raises awareness of your business, increases website traffic and gets your business affordable leads.

The Intersection

Where creativity and technology meet.

We bring marketing and technology together to help business collaborate effectively and deliver customers a great experience. If you’re interested in making this incredible change for your brand, let’s discuss how Blitz Marketing can help your business achieve its goals and increase sales in a cost effective manner today.

Do I Need A Website?

How Your Really Old Website Hurts Your Word Of Mouth ReferralsImagine this.A previous client of yours loved the service that you have given so much that they have decided to refer you to their friends and family. They go and search your company on the internet and...

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How To Build A Social Media Marketing Strategy

Just like other strategies for marketing, you must first define your goals before starting. To help set your goals, we suggest identifying; for each phase of your customer’s lifecycle what your marketing goals are and how they apply to social media are. This is a...

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Small Business Marketing and Online Advertising

Small business marketing has not always depended upon big marketing or online advertising campaigns, but have benefited from local referrals. As the economy becomes globalisedthrough online competitors, small businesses can no longer count on customers finding their...

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