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How Your Really Old Website Hurts Your Word Of Mouth Referrals

Imagine this.

A previous client of yours loved the service that you have given so much that they have decided to refer you to their friends and family. They go and search your company on the internet and they try to look for your website.

But they simply don’t call you for an appointment. They didn’t even send you an email.

Why did that happen? Well, the answer is simple. Your website didn’t have much on it or worse, you don’t even have one!

People rely heavily on the internet for information these days. A person who hasn’t eaten at a restaurant would usually ask their friend about it or go on the internet and read up on the reviews. The same goes for other businesses. Having a good website will give potential clients the information that they need and it lets them know that you can provide the service that they’re looking for. Not having a website does the exact opposite of that.

They might feel doubtful and question if your company can actually do the job they’re looking for. They might go back on the search engine and call one of your competitors that might not be better than you but has a better website.



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Increasing sales and profit with a website 

Having a website that’s organized, updated and has all your contact details will definitely help increase your sales. Why? It shows potential clients that you’re dedicated and capable of giving them the service or product that they’re looking for. You can include the companies that you have worked for in the past or incorporate a page where your past clients can leave a review. This creates a good impression with your potential clients and they’ll feel confident that they can trust you!

Aside from that, having a great website adds value to the work that you do. And guess what? You can charge more for your service because of that! Your potential clients will have the chance to get to know the work that you do better and you will never have to worry about turning a warm lead into a cold one.

Getting business from referrals are fine but…

It’s always nice to have your business referred by your past clients to their close friends and family. Your business might be one of many that strives off of these referrals and don’t see why you still need to get a website.

A large chunk of the world’s population today is on the internet. We’re willing to bet that these past clients of yours also have active social media accounts where they share part of their lives online with their friends. They might love what you’ve done for them so much that they leave you a good review on your page for all their friends to see. Who knows? A friend of theirs might just be looking for a great air conditioner maintenance team, security door installer, catering company or accountant for example and they see that you’ve done a great job! They’ll go and look for your website and before you know it, you’ll be busy answering inquiries!

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