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Small business marketing has not always depended upon big marketing or online advertising campaigns, but have benefited from local referrals. As the economy becomes globalisedthrough online competitors, small businesses can no longer count on customers finding their way to the door. A few flyers and word of mouth are no longer sufficient, but where can you concentrate your efforts to increase sales without breaking the budget?

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Create a brand.
Small business marketing efforts do not always do extremely well at creating a memorable company name. Your logo should be on all of your printed materials, business vehicles, and website. This should be a noticeable logo that will help you establish a solid brand that clients will recognise. Provide inexpensive polo shirts to employees that are printed with your company name and logo. It will create a more professional appearance and place your company name in front of prospective customers all day.

Build a network.
Create connections with other small business owners and participate in referring each others’ customers, local discount cards, or purchasing each others’ products. Local clubs and organisations may be an ideal place to start building your professional network.

Online Advertising through social media.
Online social networks are not just for teenagers. A significant number of those using sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are between 25-45 years old. In other words, they are your customers. Promote your business through Company pages and accounts that are free online advertising for your business and great ways to build customer loyalty through online interactions.

Create an email campaign.
Put that customer database to work through an email based small business marketing campaign. To ensure that prospective clients actually open and read your emails, create content that provides them with useful information. Consider creating a monthly newsletter that includes tips that are useful to your customers. Include coupons, insider information, and sale flyers.

Build a professionally designed web site.
Your online marketing efforts should revolve around your website and direct traffic toward it. Any email campaign or social media activity must link back to your website. It is not enough simply to have a home page. To stand above the competition online, your website must be professionally designed, include quality content, and encourage prospective clients to contact you.

Blitz Marketing can help you design a web site that will drive new customers to your business. Let their marketing and technological expertise work for your small business. They will ensure that your company web site is developed for maximum Search Engine Optimization (SEO). That means you will rank higher in Google results, guiding more prospective clients your way.

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