We Connect People. We bring marketing and technology together to help business collaborate effectively and deliver customers a great experience.


Gareth has worked in sales and marketing roles for the past 17 years and is a dedicated results focused professional. He attributes his success to the relationships he develops with clients by earning their confidence as a trusted advisor. This is achieved by delivering solutions that are relevant to the customers’ needs. As a Director of Blitz Marketing, Gareth drives innovation by adopting the challenger mentality and introduces customers’ to new technologies. His solutions based approach provides customers with a competitive edge, improves business efficiencies and profitability whilst minimising overheads.


John is a Sales and Marketing professional with years of experience in various industries. He has worked for National Mutual, Qantas, AAPT, Optus and Telstra and understands the needs of business and government customers. He believes in building strong business relationships and aims to deliver a professional experience. As a Director of Blitz Marketing, John’s goals are to offer his experience and skills in technology, sales and marketing and help customers transform their business in the digital world. To be successful, a business needs to have a competitive edge and John is your ideal partner to help you achieve great results.

Blitz Marketing (ABN 51 326 233 645) is the trading business of The Trustee for GT Marcom Unit Trust. We are a technology focused marketing agency specialising in sales, technology and digital marketing. We strive to provide a professional and strategic approach to help you achieve your business objectives. We specialise in data-driven targeting, consumer insights and in-depth market research, we help our clients reach the right people with the right messages. And to achieve that, we have a diverse team of people working together to find the best possible solutions. We make the most of the technology available to us, and our people push boundaries and will never stop imagining and creating solutions to your complex problems. Working in digital is exciting and fast moving. We love what we do and look forward to what we might create for you, our customers. We offer unique ways for your brand to grow and be noticed. Why not schedule a time to discuss your business goals and objectives.

Blitz Marketing, We Connect People.

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