Basically, instore radio is broadcasting of messages or announcements along with branding music inside a store. It’s a great way to entertain and communicate with shoppers with the help of personalized music and tell them about the offers, discounts, promotions and ongoing campaigns happening in the store. Did you know that 69% of shoppers spend 30 minutes or more inside a retail store? Base on a research, 70% of shoppers who remembers hearing in-store advertisements find the promotions and announcements to be helpful to their shopping. Let’s take a closer look at how in-store message can be a great way to create a better shopping experience for your customers and improve your business.

Why do you need instore radio?

The rise of mall culture has pushed the retail industry to become more organized and create better marketing ploys to get new customers. Today, retailers are using all the tools that they have at their disposal to reach out to more consumers. They use all the media space they can get their hands on to have their name out there even if it costs a lot of money. Although, as much as these out-store advertising gets the job done in attracting new customers and building better customer relationships, research shows that in-store advertising actually gives you more value for your money. The best part about instore radio over out-store advertising is that it gives you the opportunity to broadcast announcements such as sales and promos to your customers whilst they’re in the store.

Announces offers on the spot

You might have put up posters and ran radio commercials to advertise your current offers but there’s still a chance that your target market might have missed that advertisement. But when you play the announcement in store at point of purchase, you can catch their attention right then and there.

Boost your sales

Advertising in any form is proven to boost sales. But in-store advertisements take it on a whole another level. This is because in-store announcement lets you reach out to your potential buyers – the people inside your store. Believe it or not, in-store advertisements are proven to increase sales up to 16% on an average.

Helps with up selling

Instant communication has been proven to be a great way to influence a buyer’s shopping decision. Picture this, you just went to the mall to buy lunch, but an instant announcement tells you that your favorite shoe store is now having a 50% off sale. Boom! You’ve made a sale without much effort or spending a lot of money on marketing. This just shows how personalized ads can create a great outcome.

Increases in-time

Aside from letting the shoppers know about your store’s offers and promotions, in-store advertising also aims to keep shoppers engaged. That is why it is also called as in-store entertainment. Relaxing music playing in the background in between promotions helps the customers enjoy a stress-free shopping experience. As a result, a shopper spends more time inside the store and encourages unplanned shopping.

Improves brand image

So you’ve had a rough day at work and you head on to the mall for some grocery shopping but instead of relaxation, you’re faced with more stress due to the chaotic scene that’s taking place inside the store. Will this encourage your shoppers to go back and buy groceries at your store? No. But if you add on soothing and personalized music into your store, this will help you enrich your brand image.

Great shopping experience

The retail industry is all about giving the costumers a great shopping experience. From gaming centers to art installations and live events, retailers all around the globe are trying to please their customers. By having in-store messages together with branded music, you will achieve your objective of creating a relaxing and stress-free in-store ambiance.

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