Adelaide Web Design: Top 10 Mistakes

Adelaide Web Design: Top 10 Mistakes

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There are several Adelaide web design agencies around.  Whether you decide to employ a web design agency or do it yourself here are some things to consider.

Small business websites can be fantastic tools for marketing and interacting with customers. Make sure that your company’s website increases sales and proudly promotes your business by avoiding these ten mistakes.
1. Complicated URL
Keep your website address simple and as close to your company name as possible. If you find yourself spelling it out to people, it’s too complicated. You want your customers to remember and recommend it.
2. Infrequent Updates
Be prepared for the development of your website to be an ongoing responsibility. The design is important, but content will need to be current. Customers will be quickly clicking away if your home page still says “Grand Opening” a year later.
3. Advertisements
Your website should not include ads for other businesses. It is unprofessional and makes it look like your company cannot afford its own website. Keep your own banner ads to a minimum as well. They are at your site, so you don’t need to scream at them to buy.
4. Dead Links
Few website mistakes are as unprofessional as dead links. Whenever website content is changed or updated, make sure that links are appropriately updated as well.
5. Poor Content
If your content is poorly written or uninteresting to your prospective clients, they will not be back. Include concise, valuable content that is more than a sales pitch.
6. Ignoring SEO
Search Engine Optimization is vital to driving traffic to your website. The inclusion of key search terms, high-quality content, and live links will help increase your SEO. You will also need to be promoting your content through social medial and other online interactions.
7. Lack of Branding
Your website should be recognisable as belonging to your company as soon as the customer arrives. The colour scheme and logos need to match what you use in your other marketing and signage. Invest in some quality graphics that help you build a solid brand.
8. Going for Flash
Bright colours and unusual text may make your website design stand out, but it will also strain your website visitors’ eyes and discourage them from coming back. Leave it to your content to captivate their attention and stick with a professional visual appeal.
9. Not Promoting
Once you build your website, you need to promote it through printed materials, social media, local directories, and any other professional interaction you have.
10. Unprofessional Design
You may be running your business from your home, but your website still needs to look as if it is operated from a big city skyscraper. A professional design will let prospective clients know that they can trust you to deliver. Blitz Marketing can design a website that will be a valuable marketing and business tool that takes your small business to the next level.

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