Our prehistoric ancestors had their way of communicating with each other. They created writings and drawings on their cave walls to share information. We have come a long way from that. We might have developed a more efficient way to communicate, but the need to share information is still there. The need to communicate has led humanity to develop vast mediums for communication. We have surely come a long way from writing on cave walls. This need for a more efficient way to communicate has led to computers, smartphones and ultimately digital signage.  The practicality of digital signage applies to almost every business there is. Calling it a “signage” is an understatement. Compared to more traditional forms, digital signage is so much more powerful and changeable. Think of it like the device in your pocket or maybe the one in your hand right now. Smartphones are more than just a simple “phone.”  Today’s phones don’t just allow you to make a phone call to your loved ones; they let you take pictures and send that picture to your friends and families too! All this is an indication of the huge technological leap we had over the past few years. To fathom how much technology has developed, let’s look at the amazing capabilities of digital signage. There are endless possibilities.


Digital menu boards at fast food restaurants and movie theaters have taken over the old and outdated menu printed on paper. Aside from being flexible and persuasive, digital menu boards are not as easily breakable from the everyday wear and tear. Unlike the traditional menu, they are also capable of showing much more than the food that’s available and their prices. The digital menu boards are also able to persuade customers to order more food by displaying enticing photos or even videos of food. Just picture this, you’re waiting in line when you see a burger being cooked on the digital menu board. You see the sesame seeds on the bun, the grill marks on the patty and the fresh lettuce and tomato. Doesn’t that just want to make you sink your teeth into that burger? Or maybe you’re not planning to have dessert, but a video comes up of a sundae with chocolate syrup drizzling over it and a bright red cherry to top it off. It immediately makes you want to order dessert right away!

Aside from enticing customers to buy more, digital menu boards also provide flexibility and control. They can be easily controlled on site or even from corporate headquarters across the country. With just a few clicks, you are able to change the display from breakfast to lunch then dinner menu. Furthermore, it gives restaurant owners the option of showcasing different specials or promos they have for that day. By doing this, it encourages the customers for a return visit.

Digital menu boards also work great for drive-in restaurants where customers could order their food from an interactive menu. While waiting for their order they can watch the display on the screen or even pick out something for dessert.

Financial Services 

A trip to the bank sometimes becomes dreadful due to the long queue lines. Let’s face it; nobody enjoys waiting in line at the bank. Digital signage is a helpful tool to help the customers take their mind off the long wait. Aside from the bank tellers, digital signage can help inform the customers about the bank’s various financial services such as auto loan rates, second mortgages, insurance products, investment options and rates. This increases the awareness of your other services to your customers while they’re waiting for their turn. When they get to the teller, they might inquire about these services and the teller will be able to help them.

Aside from the bank’s services, digital signage could also display stock prices, financial news, the weather report or even the entertainment channel. A trip to the bank will never feel long and dreadful again.


Digital signage in hotels and casinos are not just for displays. They are much more than that. They have taken over the job of a human concierge staff. Using digital signage to inform guests of activities to do and places to shop at could potentially persuade the guests to extend their stay. Sure, any hotel staff could do all these, but unlike human staff, digital signage can be spread around the hotel and are more cost-effective. Interactive displays can inform guests about nearby shows, fun activities to do, recommend a good restaurant and even make reservations.

Aside from letting guests know of places to visit, the signage can also promote any amenities the hotel may have. Guests may want to enjoy a cup of coffee but are not aware of the coffee shop around the corner, or maybe they want to have a massage, but don’t know about the hotel’s spa. All of these problems can be addressed by advertising the hotel’s amenities on the digital signage. Big conferences are sometimes held in hotels too. For business travelers, the digital signage could also be helpful to find their way around the hotel to get to the right meeting room. As for casinos, the interactive signage is significantly helpful for new players who wishes to learn how to play table games.

For cruise ships, a signage network is also a huge help. It can also give out information about itineraries, port schedules, menus and even directions around the ship. It can also promote future trips to encourage guests to reserve tickets in advance.

Corporate Communications

Communication in big companies is often tricky. If you want to inform a large number of employees, a printed employee newsletter isn’t going to cut it. Aside from being costly and time-consuming, they don’t always do a good job of getting your announcement out to everyone in the company. This is why digital signage is a necessity for big office buildings. It can be placed where employees can see it easily like the building entrance, break rooms and even in the cafeteria.

These signage can display announcements like an upcoming team event, meetings, recognitions, training dates and advancement opportunities. You can also make use of these displays to show information about the company is doing and the things the different departments are working on at the moment. Not only that, it can also be used for virtual meetings with clients from across the country or even clients that are on the other side of the world!

A digital display network that’s ready to customize content based on location is without a doubt a necessity for multinational corporations. The communications personnel who controls the network can show  international messages alongside local news such as the weather report, the local traffic situation and other news that’s happening in that area.

Whether it’s informing employees about an announcement or boosting employee moral, digital signage can do it. Share productivity and safety  tips to create a more effective and accident-free environment for everyone. You can achieve all of this with the help of a digital signage network.

Health Care

We all know how unpleasant the long lines at the bank can be. But waiting in the emergency room or doctor’s office is on a whole other level. Waiting in the hospital can be stressful and could make some people quite anxious. Digital signage is perfect for these types of setting. You could provide some information about health care, financial assistance, privacy, provider policies and other important information you might need to know.

Digital signage is a good tool to inform patients about the various services offered by their health care provider. Informing patients about the services available is a good way to pass time while educating them about important procedures the hospital is able to provide for them in the future. It also helps to play something entertaining like a movie to reduce patient anxiety.

Wayfinding is also a great addition to health-care signage installations. Patients and visitors will find their way around big hospitals more easily with the help of this technology. By following these interactive signage, patients and visitors could get where they need to be without further trouble or anxiety. Although digital signage aims to serve the patients, it’s also useful for the hospital employees too. It could display employee events, training requirements, IT downtime and other important announcements.


There are numerous ways to make use of digital signage inside retail stores. If done correctly, it can help boost the customer service experience. It can display the store’s latest collection or even an upcoming sale. Long gone are the days where store clerks need to hang up print ads and distribute flyers just to let customers know about next week’s sale. Changes can instantly be made for each store. The displays can be customized based on the store’s location, customs and season.

Digital signage is perfect for grocery stores too. Just like with retail stores, it can also display any sale the grocery store might have that day. On the meat section,  the signage will be able to show the customers new recipes to try with beef and chicken. Shoppers will appreciate this and will be encouraged to return. If the grocery store serves fresh pastries too, digital signage can also be used to tempt shoppers into grabbing a quick breakfast in the morning. Let them know freshly brewed coffee and muffins fresh from the oven is ready by flashing a display on the signage.

If you’re looking to increase your loyal customers, digital signage can also help you with that. Shoppers who have loyalty cards can interact with the display using their smartphones. All they have to do is to let the interactive display scan the QR code from their smartphones so the customer will be informed of any sale in the future. By doing this, the store will also be able to get some information from the shopper like their age, gender and which products they frequently buy.


Just like with big hospitals, getting around an airport could be a bit tricky and challenging too. Good thing digital signage is now available to airports. But aside from providing directions around airports, digital signage could also be used for advertising. Retailers and service providers within the airport could advertise their products or services to travelers. And of course, just like other digital signage, it could be used to display useful information such as the weather and the arrival or departure schedules.


The use of digital signage differs for every government sector. For those in emergency management, signage networks can be used to send out a warning about inclement weather, earthquakes, flash flood and other natural disasters. Because these digital signage networks work in real time, urgent information is passed quickly. The emergency response team would be sent out right away to help with the evacuation of buildings and the rescuing of people in their homes. On the other hand, the police department could gather information of any criminal activity within the city and be aware of any new public announcements right away.

Just like hospitals and airports, digital signage can also be used for wayfinding and providing useful information to visitors. Hearing-impaired visitors would certainly appreciate the digital signage to help them around too. Overall, digital signage would help manage the queue better to reduce wait times at any government office.

What’s Next? 

These are just some of the many ways digital signage can be used for your business. Keep reading and we’ll discuss more about how you can effectively make use of digital communications and some tips to consider along the way.

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