Need a review of your data network? Don’t know your account manager? Need a fast corporate grade internet connection? Is Wi-Fi critical to your marketing strategy? PABX maintenance contract due to expire?

If you answered yes to any of the above give us a call to discuss your requirements. We have over 20 years experience in telecommunications and have managed small business, enterprise and government customers. Put our technology experience to work for you. From data networks to mobility strategies Blitz Marketing are able to recommend solutions which will deliver improved business outcomes and save money at the same time.

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// Data Networks at the highest performance

Blitz Marketing and our partner’s deliver your organisation managed and self-managed services with strong Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and even stronger infrastructure. We design and implement your solution and provide on-going, proactive account management. We partner with providers who have the infrastructure, connectivity, knowledge and local support that help you you achieve your business outcomes.

// VoIP Solutions replacing legacy PABX

Every VOIP business PBX (phone system) is unlike and requires a custom solution designed just for your business. Our team will liaise with you and provide a solution that fits your budget. Blitz Marketing will provide you access to the latest VOIP solutions and equipment that’s going to be cost effective and deliver a unified communications experience for your business.

// Fast Internet Corporate Grade

Your demand for Internet access is constantly growing, so you’ll need a fast, scalable and reliable internet connection. Blitz Marketing partner with providers that provide corporate grade internet services with unlimited data allowances which means you’ll never be surprised with excess data charges. Find out if your business can get nbnTM, Fibre, Cable or ADSL2+ services. We’ll match you with the best technology for your location. All our business solutions offer uncontested symmetrical connections; meaning the upload rate is the same as the download speed. This is important for Video Conferencing and Live Streaming which requires reliable, consistent and un-contended bandwidth.

// Mobility Solutions that transform business

Whether your business is in metropolitan or remote locations, Blitz Marketing can help you stay in touch with your staff. Our solutions offer new and innovative ways to communicate, navigate and create strong, profitable relationships between your workforce no matter where they are. We have the tools that will help your business be more efficient. Our mobility solutions take your office wherever you go. Blitz Marketing partners with providers that provide no lock-in contracts and have plans that let you return your phone for a new one after 12 months. If you also travel overseas, we have offers which will provide you with the flexibility of dealing with an international carrier without having to change handsets or providers.

// Guest WiFi Hotspots

Guest Wi-Fi automates and simplifies network access for guests (visitors). It also provides security features that keep enterprise traffic separate from guest traffic. Blitz Marketing and our partners provide guest Wi-Fi solutions for public venues (airports, shopping centres, cafés, etc) with branded guest portals. These solutions provide a whole new marketing channel to connect with customers.

As a marketing agency we understand the importance of location based marketing and guest wifi hotspots. All our solutions provide ‘self-registration’ (by the guest) which removes the reliance for employees to provide passwords. Our wifi solution allows guests to generate their own login details which can be accessed via SMS, email or Social Media.