Location Based Marketing

1000’s of customers passing by everyday? What if through Location Based Marketing you knew who they were, could reward their loyalty and keep in touch after they left?

Imagine if you could track your customers behaviour patterns and intercept them before they could build a relationship with competitors.   Blitz Marketing stays up to date with the latest advancements in technology and takes advantage of them to deliver new growth opportunities for our customers. We offer Wi-Fi Hotspots to businesses that would like to explore location based marketing campaigns for their consumers. Excited to know more? Read on to know about what Blitz Marketing can do for your company!

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// Get to Know More About your customers

If you ask someone if they have Facebook, Twitter or an email address, the answer would always be yes. It’s nearly impossible to meet someone who doesn’t have any social media services. Sharing information about ourselves has become the norm in today’s internet culture. With this being said, the majority of consumers will share where they are or what they are doing on their social media page. When they opt to check in at your establishment with their social media credentials, you will be able to identify your customers’ demographics and how often they visit your premises and how long they stay. You will also be able to be better informed how to cater to your patrons preferences and thus bring in new customers!

// Discover New Strategies for your Customers.

Location-based marketing and the technology that enables it is expected to grow even more this year. With mobile Internet becoming more available and leading social media platform investing more in a better form of location-integration to their systems, people are sure to see more changes in the future. Furthermore, a growing number of establishments are incorporating location based marketing into their business strategy. Let our team create a unique approach to harnessing this information that you collect from your customers for you.

//How do you keep your Customers Happy?

We all want our clients or customers to be happy with the service or product they receive. This is because we want to form a bond with them so they can continue to trust and do business with us. Providing amazing service builds a good relationship with your customer. This might include engaging with them on a personalised level, and showing you know who they are, appreciating their business and rewarding their loyalty.  Imagine knowing who are your advocates by the number of times they walk into your shopfront based on the proximity of their mobile phone!

We believe that this is the most effective way to ensure their loyalty to a brand. This is what Blitz Marketing can offer your brand. We are excited to produce new ideas for your company. Let us create this opportunity for you today!

Engage with your customers in a personalised manner and create advocates for your brand by acknowledging and valuing them.