Instore Radio

Music influences a customer’s purchasing behaviour. Blitz Marketing instore radio solution involves the right music playlists, announcements, and ads which help to engage, guide and inform shoppers, ultimately leading to increased revenue for your business.

It’s no secret, playing the right music and marketing messages to your customers, visitors, patrons or staff creates a difference – often this is more important than the interior design! In addition, our instore radio solution delivers professional voice overs to create your very own in store music experience.

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//Promote your products and promotions

While your customers are in your store, it is an ideal opportunity to promote specific goods in order to impact their shopping actions. It gives you the perfect opportunity to communicate & sell to likely and current buyers while they’re at the point of sale. You will have a 100% captive audience, no misspending of advertising dollars.

//Play targeted messages

It is your radio station so play only your ads. So never again will you have to unwillingly promote your competition in order to play the radio in-store. In-store radio can help improve sales by promoting certain products and promotions you may have in store at the time. Influence customers’ decision on which product to use (up-sell) and the number of total items they buy (cross-sell).

//Opportunity to Up Sell Products

Research shows that 85% of people consider their shopping experience to be much more relaxed when music is played. And when you create a store ambiance you increase customer dwell time, ultimately increasing average spend. You will also have the chance of an increase in revenue through supplier sales.

//Customers just love the music

Music has the ability to influence people’s thinking, mood, and understanding, often without them noticing. It’s been used in restaurants and bars for centuries! If there’s lovely music and it’s not deathly silent then customers feel more relaxed and more likely to spend more.