Networking in real life versus networking on social media platforms; what’s the difference?

Usually, in person, a common friend or colleague introduces you to the connections. This gives you some reliability. On social media, on the other hand, you can easily connect with complete strangers. Although this might not be uncommon, make sure that you have given a lot of time to think about your goals when connecting with people.

Check Their Credentials

Don’t just entertain everyone who wishes to connect with you. It’s a good idea to check their profile first so you can tell what the other person can bring to the table. There will always be someone who will try to scam another person on any social media platforms.

Research as much as you can about the person

See if the people they are connected with are also good connections, then decide if a good outcome can come out of that relationship. You will need to weed out some people in order to get to the good ones to build a good relationship.

Only Connect with People You Can Vouch for

If you’re going to start connecting with people, then the first people to talk to are the ones that you already know, like and most importantly, trust. If you need to connect with a few people, these are the people that might be able to help you. This can be easier if you have worked with them in the past and know their ethics.These people will be able to introduce you to connections that might also share the same ethics, are trustworthy and knowledgeable too.

Reach Out to People You Admire Online

After following an online personality that you have been following on social media, enjoyed a blog they wrote or purchased a product that they sell, and have weighed the benefits of dropping them a message, it’s time to take the next step. Once you have assessed their character and ethics, then it’s okay to send them an email and connect with them. Don’t worry, it’s normal to do so even if you have not met them in person yet.

Connect with People You Admire in Groups

A number of social media platforms have groups that you can join. Joining a group that you’re interested in and having an informative discussion with the members is one way to find people to connect with. If a member says something that is somewhat interesting or informative to you, you can go to their profiles to check if they are someone that you want to get to know.

Reply to People Who Wishes to Connect With you

Only do this when you feel that it’s the right connection for you. If they have taken the time to send a message as to why they are trying to connect with you and why having that connection is beneficial for both parties, that’s even better. Go ahead and check their profile, check the groups they are a part of and see how they interact with other members. If you think that a connection with that person will be useful in the future then accept their invitation. If the judgment you made was incorrect, you can always cut that connection anytime.

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