Are Printed Materials Still Relevant to Modern Marketers?

In today’s technology driven world, printed media’s probably at the bottom of the marketing strategy of marketing managers. Today, marketing managers would look to SEO, SEM, SMM and SMO to increase brand visibility. But these strategies didn’t even exist a decade ago so it wasn’t even an option back then. Because of printed media’s datedness, many marketing managers don’t even consider to use it as a part of their strategy anymore. But there are still a few reasons why they should include this old-fashion marketing strategy into their plans.

The printing press was invented back in the 1400’s. Naturally, this made printed media the most effective marketing strategy at the time. But did you know that it wasn’t really meant to advertise a brand or a service at first but to distribute content? In recent years, print media through the use of mediums like magazines and newspapers has opened up the way for companies to advertise their business to build awareness and prominence to their target market.

This leaves us with the question: Is print media less effective today than decades ago? For most part, the answer is yes. But does that mean it’s redundant?

Mailing out an entire customer database the old school way might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But surprisingly, it can result to 20% per job marketing cost reduction when compared to the average marketing cost. That’s exponentially cheaper than doing it the modern and digital way. Aside from saving all that money, a printed marketing material is also tangible so customers can keep the materials longer thus resulting in more job requests even after the expiry period. This simply shows that print media still has a place in the world of modern marketing after all. The only thing marketing managers need to do is to compare printed media in the same context as all other mediums, analyze the results then adjust from there.

There are plenty of ways to maximize printed media. The benefits are there you simply need to create a campaign that could help you reap its benefits the most. Newspapers and magazines are still very popular to this day so investing in those would surely help spread your brand’s name. If you’re not sure on what step to take next, you can contact a professional printer like Snap Printing to help you out.

So if you’re looking to work with a team of experts to help you with your marketing campaign, hash out the details with Blitz Marketing.