For your digital signage to be effective, you need to know where you’d want to place your display. In this article, we’ll give you a few tips in determining the right location for you.


Familiarizing yourself with the environment on where you want to put your signage is a critical step. Location is a major factor when you’re placing a single display or even a number of screens in an area. In this step, we will discuss how choosing the right location will determine the effectivity of your digital signage.

Where Do You Want Your Displays?

You might think that choosing the right location for your signage is an easy step. But this requires a lot of planning. Don’t be afraid to take your time planning for the perfect location as this is a crucial step.

In retail stores, we usually see the digital signage as soon as we walk in. There are usually a few scattered all over the store too. Some retail companies have even started putting digital signage inside dressing rooms. If you’re a restaurant owner, you might consider placing your display where customers can easily see the special you have for the day to entice them to eat at your restaurant. Ultimately, plan the placement of your signage based on the business that you have. Then plan where in these locations you want to put your displays.

There Are So Many Displays to Choose From. Which One Do I Pick?

This one requires plenty of planning too. As you may have noticed there are all sorts and sizes of screen to put your display on. Do you want your display to be on video wall or as small as a digital picture frame? Maybe you want it to have interactive capabilities like a kiosk? Perhaps on a menu board on the wall? Maybe you’re looking to put your display in all of these. The best thing about digital display network is that you can control multiple screens. Just connect them to your display network, and you’re set.

In malls, an interactive screen can be used for wayfinding. This makes it more convenient for shoppers to find their way around and get to the store they want faster. Some restaurants have also integrated an interactive menu board to make ordering food easier and faster for customers.  Not only will they be able to order faster but they’ll be entertained too!

Do You Know How Many Locations You’re Serving?

When you’ve finally decided on where to put your display, the next thing to think about is the number of displays you want to put there.  For each location, there will be a number of signs installed. You might get everything right today but if your company decides to open one or more sites in the future, what’s going to happen then? They say that preparedness is the key to success. It’s recommended to choose a content management technology that will be able to grow together with your business. We can’t predict the future, so it’s always best to plan ahead.

Do You Want Your Customers to Interact with Your Signage?

This is the fun part. Interactive displays usually encourage customers to use them. Who can blame them? It’s fun and exciting. Does your advertisement call for this type of signage? Signage that is just for looking at or watching is ok, but interactive displays certainly catch people’s attention more. You can use a digital signage kiosk and have guests interact with the screen or even use their smartphones. This is also a good way to collect loyal customers’ buying data through their interaction with the technology. This way, you will be able to know how to meet or even exceed their expectations.

Do You Want to Know How Many People View Your Display? 

Aside from showing information on the signage to your target audience, you may want to know about who’s looking at your displays too. Digital signage can now be equipped to count the people who look at your display.  This is a good way to determine if your display is eye-catching and effective. This information will also help you gauge if your ad was persuasive enough for people to go and buy the product. Or maybe you simply just wanna see how much attention your display is getting in a specific location. As you can see, digital signage is capable of just about anything.

Do You Want to Know Your Demographic?

We previously talked about how kiosks can be equipped with a type of technology that counts the people who walk by and take a look at your display. You might think it can only keep a tab on the number of individuals who looks at it, but you’re mistaken. You’ll be surprised to know how advanced this technology is. One thing that’s incredible about the technology in these digital kiosks is that they can determine the gender and age of the person who’s looking at your display. It will track those who frequently pass by too. It can even keep track of how long they’ve looked at it!

What’s even more amazing is that after the kiosk has determined the gender and age of the viewer, it can then go and show them an ad that’s directed to their demographic. If a teenage woman is viewing the display, it can show her an ad for the 50% off sale in the women’s clothing department and a fantastic deal on makeup at the drugstore. But if a man comes up to the display, it will show him about a sale on men’s clothing. Amazing, right?

Even if you don’t use this information to tailor the ad to the person who’s viewing the display, it will still be an important and useful data to gather for your business. You’ll be able to give a detailed information about your demographics next time a business comes and pay for a spot in your signage.

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