If you’ve been reading our posts about digital signage, you probably know by now the importance of keeping communication open with your team especially with your system developers. In this article, we’ll talk more about the other members you’ll need for your team.


You need to have a dependable and easy to use system at all times. But even with a good signage system, it doesn’t mean that you won’t need a right partner. If you decide on having a partner or partners around at the beginning or even for the whole process, they’ll be a huge help in your digital signage journey.

It can be overwhelming to choose the right partner but don’t be discouraged.  You might think that it’s impossible but if you have a concrete plan, selecting a partner will be easier than you think. But where do you start?

It’s probably a good idea to think about technology first. You’ll be meeting with potential partners that are specialists in specific systems and industries. There will be a lot of them but make sure that you’re going to choose a partner that knows exactly what you need and have the expertise to provide your technological demands. When you finally have a list of potential partners, the next step is to think about the type of knowledge that you need.

Partner Up with Blitz Marketing

Blitz Marketing provides the expertise in every industry and knows exactly just what you need. Whether you’re looking for signage or advertising management solutions, Blitz Marketing has an extensive list of certified partners ready for you to choose from. If you’re looking for a digital signage solution anywhere in the world, Blitz Marketing is the way to go. The list of partners below will give you an idea why Blitz Marketing is the best choice for your digital signage solutions.

Sales Partners

Sales partners are the ones who communicate directly with manufacturers such as Blitz Marketing. They are responsible for providing training, designing and making sure your network is up and running.

Content Creators

Digital signage relies heavily on the technological side but what good is it when you don’t have compelling content to display? This is where content creators come in. These content creator experts know what works for digital signage. Even if you intend to maintain and update the content by yourself entirely, it’s still a practical idea to have a content creator at the beginning of your digital signage journey.

Network Operators

Getting network operators is advisable especially if you’re just starting up your organization or just entering the digital signage world. This is because they have already build signage and display networks and you may quickly leave the technological matter to them. Partnering up with a network operator will make your entry into the business a piece of cake.

Platform Partners

Choose hardware that will be suitable for the display and signage system that you require. You may or may not need a platform partner depending on your needs and the other partners that you have engaged.

Blitz Marketing’s Flexibility in Customization

If you’re looking for flexibility, then you’ll be happy to hear that it is the biggest benefit of working with Blitz Marketing. You can customize and incorporate more value to what you’re doing. Want to know your audience? You can have an interactive kiosk that customers can connect with using their smartphones!

Do you need to see it yourself? Visit our website at blitzmarketing.com.au to schedule a meeting with us today.