Web Design: Top 10 Web Tips

Web Design: Top 10 Web Tips

Internet users quickly flit from one topic or website to another, so if you are going to keep them on yours long enough to become a customer you need to draw them in. Studies show that you have less than 10 seconds to capture their attention. This means that your web design strategy needs to include key elements that make readers want to stick around. There are 10 things that your website design must include.
1. Company Description

Your home page should include a concise explanation of what your company actually does. Do not assume that every website visitor is already a customer. The point is to gain new clients, so don’t leave them confused about what you provide.
2. Simple URL

You don’t ever want to have to spell out your website address. Make it simple and memorable.
3. Visual Appeal

Your web design strategy should include attractive photos and graphics while not losing readability. Text that is a color that blends into the background or a font that requires concentration to read will be ignored.
4. Contact Information

Even if your business is solely involved in online sales, some customers will want to know where you are located. Any attempt to disguise your physical location will create a trust issue for some potential customers. Obviously, if you do have retail locations, you want to make as simple as possible for people to find you.

5. Interaction

Allow website visitors to leave feedback, ask a question, and comment on articles. Developing your website into an online community will build customer loyalty and improve your SEO.

6. Blog

The ideal place for customer interaction on your website is on your blog. Your web design strategy should include content that not only sells your product but gives your customers useful information whether they are making a purchase or not. Encourage comments through questions and requests for feedback.

7. Site Map

A critical web design component that will help customers find what they are looking for quickly and easily.
8. Special Offers

Including special sales and discounts through your website is helpful for several reasons. It helps you track the number of people who are utilizing your website. It builds loyalty among customers who feel that they are getting special treatment for being a part of your online community, and it helps your website look up-to-date when current offers are posted.
9. Simplified Navigation

Your web design plan should consider if customers have to struggle to find things on your website, they won’t bother.
10. Testimonials

Customer reviews, professional certifications, and awards should be displayed on your website to let new clients know that they can trust you to do a good job.

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