Video Production and Online Marketing

Video Production and Online Marketing

There are challenges when adding video production to your online marketing strategy. We know how hard it is to produce a good video. We also know how hard it is to get people to watch it. Blitz Marketing will help you reach the right real people with our creative advertising techniques. Whether your video is to be used for facebook advertising, email marketing, social media strategy or other online marketing, our videos are interesting and unique.

With online marketing tools such as video production, the experience of comprehension is more immediate, driven by the powerful element of story-telling. The amount of information that can be delivered through video vastly outnumbers the amount of information that can be read. This means the emotional response – the knee-jerk reaction – often comes before the full appraisal of the content or the comprehension of the meaning.

However, through video production, the viewer is able to recreate the experience of being face to face with someone much better than through audio, image or text. Through moving likeness and recorded image, online marketing company Blitz Marketing can help your business display who you are through physical and verbal expression. For branding, this is extremely important as it allows you to display a “human” side considerably more efficiently than through image, audio and text.

Due to the relative low uptake of video marketing, any videos we produce for your business will indicate professionalism and brand quality. If you have enough time, money and skills to create high quality video, you will often be perceived as a legitimate business with a genuine interest in providing a great service. For small business owners and other businesses with low marketing budgets, online video production agencyBlitz Marketing can deliver high quality animated or new interviews explaining your products and services or introducing key personnel to the public at a fraction of what large corporations pay.

Our research has found some interesting facts:

  • 69 percent of those surveyed had used video for marketing, while the rest were planning to do so in the future.
  • 63 percent of marketers say their spending for online video is on the rise
  • Customer conversion isn’t a big goal: Only 19 percent of the marketers surveyed said conversion was an objective. However, having a video on a landing page jumps conversion by 80 percent
  • Success rates are high: 82 percent of marketers say they’ve had success with an online video marketing project.
  • The top three objectives of Online Marketing through video production are: driving brand awareness, increasing lead generation, and building online engagement. After that comes educating customers, nurturing leads, and driving website views.

Using the latest online marketing research tools. Blitz Marketing can find demands for both commercial and informational content within your industry. We can produce entertaining videos, which normally offer a combination of humour, visual appeal or an impressive display of skill. Our humorous videos usually keep to a simple structure, whilst our Educational Videos are produced in the form of tutorials, tips, lectures or visual guides.

Blitz Marketing will discuss your potential target audience, and more importantly, who will want to search and watch your video. Once the video is produced, it can be used for regular social media engagement or displayed on your website.

We will ensure the video we create for your business is interesting and entertaining. Consider us today!

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